Third Party Expert Review of Reactor Components Inventory

After reactor shutdown, an inventory estimate to plan for decommissioning is required.

Timeframe: 2013

This project consisted of providing a third party expert review and a detailed calculation of the power plant core components inventory in preparation for the decommissioning plan. This included the reactor from the top of the reactivity mechanism deck down to the reactor building floor.

The main activities provided are:

Identification of all the systems and components included in the dismantling of the reactor core such as:

  • Reactivity mechanisms and deck:
  • cabinets
  • calandria
  • ion chambers
  • end shields
  • fuel channels
  • concrete portion of the reactor vault;
  • feeders.

Methodology based on as built drawings for detail calculation of the geometric volume, solid volume and reduced volume of the solid wastes associated with the listed systems and components.

A classification and segregation as Low, Intermediate and High Level solid waste component inventory.

Used as input to power plant detailed cost estimate data to be incorporated as realistic figures in deconstruction estimates.