Study & Options Assessment of Low-Intermediate and Hi-Level Waste Disposal from Auxiliary Pools

Following the power plant’s definitive shutdown, a clear plan for the waste management of the spent fuel and auxiliary pools’ contents is required.

Timeframe: 2015

Perform a preliminary assessment on the inventory, handling and disposition of wastes currently stored in the four auxiliary pools, after the power plant’s definitive shutdown.

This project consists of performing an assessment and produce an action to plan for removal of all radioactive material currently stored inside the four auxiliary pools, namely the discharge pool, the reception pool, the defective fuel pool and the shipping pool. The objective is to optimize the waste stream and maximize the use of existing waste storage facility structures and shielded transfer equipment.

The main activities provided are:

  • Review and complete the waste inventory prepared by the client
  • conduct a comparative analysis of the radiological characteristics of the wastes and segregation according to the level of activity (LLW, ILW, HLW)
  • establish the waste stream per types of waste from the source to the long term storage structures
  • establish waste treatment methods (decontamination, volume reduction, disassembling, cutting, etc.) in order ensure compatibility and space availability within current storage structures
  • establish adequate grouping logistics per types of waste
  • perform a technical and economic comparative analysis of the different options of packaging, handling and storage for the different types of waste
  • review the currently available waste storage containers, handling equipment and storage structures, and optimize their use
  • identify the need to design and fabricate new equipment for processing packaging, handling and storage of the waste
  • provide inputs to update the safety report.