Spent Fuel Storage Structures (CANSTOR) Investigation

CANSTOR is a spent fuel reinforced concrete storage structure in which seven years cooled spent fuel S.S. baskets are stored dry for a period of 50 years.

Timeframe: 2013/2015

This project consisted of investigating the existing structures in which water has been repeatedly detected during sampling campaigns, and providing solutions and recommendations.

The main activities provided are:

  • Perform preliminary investigation to identify potential causes of water infiltration and propose a test program to confirm the cause
  • prepare the detail testing plan and procedure for the leak and pressure testing to be performed on the fully spent fuel loaded cylinders
  • confirmation of the cause of water presence post-tests
    recommend modification to the spent fuel basket loading into the structures to eliminate water presence reoccurrences in subsequent cylinders
  • propose a solution to reduce/eliminate water/humidity in filled cylinders
  • prepare technical specification for the supply of an efficient drying system to completely eliminate residual water/humidity within affected cylinders
  • provide technical support for procurement and testing of the drying system.