Retrieval and Packaging of Spent Ion Exchange Resins

The design life of the underground spent resin storage tanks has expired, requiring prompt removal of the waste for safe dry storage.

Timeframe: 2016/2018

This turnkey project consisted of providing all services and operation staff related to sampling and characterization, recovery, packaging into drums, and shipment of the Moderator Purification System (MPS) resin waste stored in an underground horizontal S.S. cylindrical storage tank, and Heat Transport Purification System (HTPS) resin waste stored in four underground rectangular concrete storage vaults, as well as associated mixed water, sand, and gravel waste for interim storage. The scope includes approximately 160 cubic meters of waste.

The main activities provided are:

Phase 1

Development of a characterization plan, methodology and tooling and perform the retrieval of multiple samples to characterize the HTPS and MPS resins and all associated water, sand and gravel. Analyze the samples and determine the appropriate technology and controls for retrieval, packaging and transportation to process and ultimately store the waste at CRL. Provide all shelters and associated services to perform the sampling work within zoned areas as the tanks are not within an existing building.

Phase 2

Design, fabricate, test and operate resin retrieval and packaging systems for full waste retrieval and segregation of the resin (both dry powdered and wet bead form), water, sand and gravel. This phase included supplying a temporary building and all associated services to perform the work, such as power, heating, lighting, service air, fire detection system, HEPA filtered ventilation with particulate and H3/C14 effluent sampling of the exhaust stack, as well as engineering and performing all access penetrations required for all underground tanks interfacing with the various retrieval equipment required. All resin extraction activities were done with CCNuclear distance operated equipment and shielding, enabling the work to follow all ALARA principles. A total of 600 dry powdered resin/sand drums, 207 gravel drums, 150 bead resin drums and 106 water drums were successfully retrieved during the project. The bead resin drums were sent for volume reduction and stabilized for storage.

Phase 3

Supplying transportation services of all waste to CRL for storage, then full site demobilization.