Retrieval and Packaging of Spent Ion Exchange Resins

The design life of the underground spent resin storage tanks has expired, requiring prompt removal of the waste for safe dry storage.

Timeframe: 2017/2018

This turnkey project consisted of providing all services and operation staff related to performing recovery and packaging of the spent resin waste from two underground horizontal S.S. cylindrical storage tanks, through a restrictive 10” access pipe, into 5 m³ High Integrity Containers (HIC) within appropriate certified transportation shielded casks, for processing and dry storage. The scope includes approximately 55 cubic meters of resins and 20 cubic meters of water.

The main activities provided are:

  • Design, fabricate, test and operate resin retrieval and packaging system for full waste retrieval and segregation of the resin and water.
  • Supplying a temporary building and all associated services to perform the work, such as power, heating, lighting, service air and ventilation.
  • All resin extraction activities were done with CCNuclear distance operated equipment and shielding, enabling the work to follow all ALARA principles.
  • A total of 13 HICs were filled, then sent to a resin processing facility for volume reduction and stabilization for storage at CRL.
  • A total of 94 water drums were filled to be sent to CRL for processing.