Refurbishment of the
Spent Fuel Pool

After shutdown and reactor defueling, life extension work on spent fuel pool walls for maintaining water tightness up to 2020.

Timeframe: 2010/2014

The project consisted of determining, testing and qualifying a radiation resistant membrane, then installing the flexible waterproof qualified protective liner on the existing deteriorating pool walls in a highly radioactive environment (spent fuel in pool) using mechanical metal fixtures.

The main activities provided are:

  • Feasibility study, conceptual design review, constructability study, and cost estimate
  • concept development
  • concept engineering and testing of developed joints
  • material qualification for use in radioactive environment
  • technical support for radiation testing at specialized laboratory
  • technical specifications for design and installation
  • risk analysis
  • support for ALARA plan preparation
  • technical support and client’s representative for all technical aspects of the project
  • review of detailed engineering and demonstration tests (mock-up)
  • technical support for procurement
  • spent fuel configuration management and optimization of fuel displacements to obtain the optimum configuration required for the safe completion of the refurbishment works
  • identification of interferences in the pool, in particular with existing equipment for dry fuel storage, and proposal of solutions
  • technical support during the installation of the
    waterproofing system.