Processing, Transfer and Disposal of High Level Waste from Auxiliary Pools

As the power plant is nearing its planned safe dry storage state, full emptying of the spent fuel and auxiliary pools is required.

Timeframe: 2019/2020

This project consists of developing the methodology and tooling required to transfer all miscellaneous high level waste from the storage bays to interim dry storage structures, including modification of the existing unused concrete structures to receive this waste.
The waste consists mainly of fuel channel shield plugs, adjuster rods, cables and smaller miscellaneous components.

The main activities provided are:

  • Developing the tooling and packaging required for the waste, while reusing as much as possible existing equipment and available storage structures
  • developing the tooling and methodology to volume reduce the waste in-pool in order to package it within modified spent fuel baskets
  • preparation of technical specifications for the equipment to be supplied, including new storage cylinder and shield closure plug, the modified spent fuel baskets and the shielded interface device to safely load the modified retube concrete canister using the spent fuel transfer flask
  • preparation of work method and procedures to perform the work
  • provide technical support through all phases of the project, up to and including to the retrieval and packaging work at site.