Fabrication of Spent Fuel Shielded Interface Module

A spent fuel shielded interface module is required to enable fully shielded safe transfer of spent fuel between its shielded transfer flask and storage structure.

Timeframe: 2018/2019

This project consists of fabrication of key shielded interface components for the loading and unloading of CANDU spent fuel baskets for relocation from an existing Concrete Canister Storage Facility.

The main activities provided are:

  • Supplying two SIMs
  • perform all required inspections and tests on the fabricated shielded interface modules, including a shield integrity test to verify no voids, inclusions, or other material or manufacturing defects exist in the shielding
  • provide engineering services for fabrication shop drawings, fabrication cut sheets, and control drawings
  • provide two below the hook lifting devices to manipulate the supplied SIMs with a standard crane hook.