Expertise and technical support for corrective work of reactor building ring beam

The current condition of the reactor ring beam is deteriorating, requiring immediate attention.

Timeframe: 2014/2015

This project consisted of performing an assessment of the current condition of the ring beam of the reactor building and implement urgent corrective work to secure the structure before winter 2014/2015.

  • In summer 2014, the client performed an inspection of the ring beam and noticed that there were signs of degradation requiring immediate remedial work prior to winter
  • this project consists of investigating the current state of the reactor building (RB) ring beam, hand rails and ladders, and proposing a work plan for immediate implementation to secure the structure and prevent further degradation and spalling of the concrete RB ring beam
  • CCN also provides technical support and surveillance of the work performed. Moreover, CCN designed a permanent life line to be installed on the roof of the reactor building in order to facilitate the inspection of other roof components
  • finally, CCN was also required to investigate the causes for the building degradation since the power plant permanent shutdown in December 2012 and propose a surveillance and maintenance plan in order to adequately predict the behavior of the concrete ring beam, the reactor building outer shell and its reinforcements for the next 40 years.