Our Partners

Strategic Partners

Throughout the past business years, CCNuclear created strong ties with the following partners in order to provide our clients with fully integrated solutions. These companies complement CCN’s expertise and services by providing Type-B transportation casks, full construction services, and custom manufacturing capabilities.

Robatel provides a vast range of services from hot cell design and fabrication to Type B transportation casks. Robatel Technologies is its American subsidiary which adapts the main products of Robatel Industries in the North American market.

CCNuclear is Robatel’s official Canadian representative since 2018 and have recently been working together for the supply and fabrication of spent fuel shielded interface modules, and other shielded transfer/transport equipment for the Canadian industry.

Cegerco is a general contractor in buildings and civil works in the commercial, industrial, public and institutional sectors. Since 2015, Cegerco has partnered with Cegertec to offer turnkey solutions in the nuclear industry, which led to the creation of CCNuclear in 2018.

Mecfor supplies fully adapted specialized mobile and stationary equipment for the rigorous jobs of the metal mining and rail industries. Since 2016, CCNuclear has called upon the expertise of Mecfor for the design and supply of distance operated articulated arm technology which was successfully used inside radioactive tanks for slurry retrieval.

ALAR manufactures industrial wastewater treatment equipment for worldwide distribution. Since 2018, CCNuclear is the official North American representative of Alar within the nuclear industry, offering our clients with efficient water treatment equipment and solid particles removal from sludges, producing dewatered dry waste.

ECO Grouting Specialists is a highly specialized grouting consulting and engineering company with unique expertise in the development and application of grouting and applied grouting technology used for ground stabilization, structural repair and rehabilitation. ECO provides straightforward advice and detailed grouting designs to clients, as well as "hands-on" training and supervision. ECO is also involved in technical information brokerage on an international basis in conjunction with various academic, professional, and governmental agencies.

Since 2019, CCNuclear is the official North American representative of ECO Grouting within the nuclear industry, offering our clients with tailored grouting solutions for radioactive waste solidification, concrete tank repair and isolation from leakage.