Turnkey Solutions

CCN offers a full range of services including turnkey solutions adapted to clients’ needs: from preliminary studies, site surveys, and characterization work to concept/detail engineering, procurement, full‑scale equipment testing, training of personnel, site mobilization activities, operation of equipment, and all associated standard construction work, as well as health, safety, and radioprotection support including final demobilization with site restoration as required.


Waste Management

  • Waste streams
  • Low, intermediate, and high‑level waste
  • Operational waste (spent fuel, resin waste, heavy water)
  • Retube waste (pressure tubes, calandria tubes, feeders)
  • Decommissioning/deconstruction waste


Handling Systems

  • Industrial piping design, mechanical moving components, instrumentation, level measurement
  • Specialized reinforced containers (flasks) for various uses in nuclear industry, hoists and grapples, remotely controlled systems, shielded components and equipment
  • Spent fuel transfer and handling systems, shielded work stations for automatized fuel drying and fuel container welding
  • Waste water and dry resins extraction and transfer systems
  • Special tooling


Storage Systems

  • Dry or wet fuel storage technology
  • Solid waste structures
  • Spent resin storage structures
  • Sampling systems


Specialized Studies

  • Specific project planning and scheduling
  • Risk analysis
  • ALARA plans


Site Support

  • Staff training
  • Technical support
  • Commissioning/decommissioning activities
  • Operation of equipment
  • Operational procedures


HSE and Construction Work

  • Site surveys
  • Site preparation activities
  • Soil characterization, excavation, temporary buildings (including ventilation, effluent monitoring systems, water ingress barriers)
  • HSE plans and Job Safety Analysis