About us

Engineered Solutions for the Nuclear Industry

CCNuclear is recognized as a specialized service provider in the nuclear industry. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the design, development, fabrication and proof testing of global solutions for the management of low-, intermediate-, and high-level radioactive waste. We provide our clients with integrated expert services, from the idea to the implementation, dry safe storage and decommissioning of equipment, systems, and facilities.

Our expertise spans a large spectrum of waste management expertise such as spent fuel handling, packaging and storage both under water and in dry conditions, extraction packaging and dry storage of dry powder or wet bead spent ion exchange resins, and other low, intermediate and high level radioactive waste extraction, handling and storage.

Moreover, we provide sample collection and characterization services for wet or dry spent ion exchange resins, and other ILLW radioactive material.

CCNuclear has also produced comprehensive studies for the conditioning, packaging and transfer to interim dry storage of miscellaneous low, intermediate and high-level radioactive waste in the spent fuel and auxiliary bays.

Our success lies in:

  • the excellence of our expertise;
  • our safety performance;
  • our ability to provide high-quality services within the agreed time frames;
  • our focus on clients’ needs;
  • our solution-oriented approach.

Our History

Our success in the nuclear industry started in 2011 with the development of the first generation of our radioactive spent ion exchange resin extraction system that we successfully deployed at a Candu 6 Facility, and expanded to include further mandates of assistance to that same power plant with the management of their radioactive materials inventory stored in the spent fuel bays, and the successful deployment of a unique Spent Fuel Bay in-service repair solution to restore leak-tightness without needing to remove the stored spent fuel. From 2011 to 2018 we successfully developed successive generations of resin retrieval, dewatering and repackaging solutions. We deployed these systems in various configurations including interfaces with various types of containers and transport casks. We successfully completed resin retrieval and dewatering campaigns at two other nuclear facilities, achieving remarkably low total exposure dose rates to our site employees thanks to rigorous ALARA philosophy. These resin retrieval projects entailed design, fabrication, installation, functional testing and commissioning (cold and hot) relying on civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation and control engineering, auxiliary services and processes (active ventilation and drainage, heating, fire protection, surveillance and camera monitoring, etc.), mechanical engineering, and process engineering – all integrated into remote operation to achieve the target retrieval campaigns using CCNuclear personnel on our client's sites.

We carried out dedicated engineering studies for a shutdown Candu 6 to develop management of the entire stream of Intermediate and Low Radwaste generated during operation of the power plant (including production of Co-60) and stored in their wet storage bays, with the final goal of retrieval (to completely empty the bays) and transfer to dry storage.

Incorporated as an independent business entity as of February 2018, CCNuclear is the successor business entity created as a spin-off of our predecessor company Cegertec’s Nuclear Division and its former joint venture partnership called Cegertec-Cegerco s.e.p. CCNuclear is continuing the execution of all existing nuclear projects of our predecessors and continuing our nuclear activities on the strength and continuity of our specialist team.

We augmented the range of our services to the nuclear industry by forging strategic alliances with high value-added specialized partners, aiming to offer our customers competitive alternatives to their traditional supplier base, coupled with exceptional agility in execution and rigorous quality control. Thanks to this approach we obtained a mandate to manufacture Shielded Interface Modules to complete the existing on-site spent fuel transfer equipment for retrieval and loading/unloading of spent fuel into road-transport casks for transport to CRL. This specialized manufacturing is carried out at our partner Robatel Industries, a company dedicated to manufacturing shielded interfaces, road transport casks and hot cells for the worldwide nuclear industry, with whom we are partnered for serving the Canadian nuclear market.

  • Strategy to penetrate nuclear market with upcoming G-2 refurbishment
  • Strategic hiring of Key Resources
  • Partnership with Areva
  • Qualified CSA N286
  • Cegertec was awarded its first project in the Nuclear industry
  • Cegertec supports client to move the recent shutdown power plant into safe storage
  • Qualification with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
  • Partnership with Cegerco to offer turnkey solutions to CNL
  • Creation of Cegertec – Cegerco s.e.p.
  • Yearly revenues since 2011 range between $ 0.5M to $1M
  • CNL awarded two resin retrieval projects for safe storage
  • Mecfor involved to support tooling
  • Yearly revenues went from $1M to $20M
  • CNL awarded turbine characterization project
  • Site mobilized and waste retrieval begun
  • Multiple modifications to contracts to increase scope
  • Spin-off of nuclear business in process to create CCN Inc.
  • CCNuclear created as a spin-off of Cegertec’s Nuclear Division and Cegertec-Cegerco s.e.p.
  • Qualification with Bruce Power
  • CCNuclear certified ISO 9001-2015
  • Member of ISN
  • Qualified CSA N299.2 & N286.7