About us

CCN is recognized as a specialized service supplier in the nuclear industry. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the design and development of global solutions for the management of low-, intermediate-, and high-level radioactive materials. Our engineering department provides our clients with integrated expert services, from the idea to the implementation and decommissioning of equipment, systems, and facilities in the field of radioactive material management.

We specialize in, among other things, the management of radioactive materials such as spent fuel pool and off-pool storage and handling technologies as well as contaminated residue extraction systems.

Moreover, we provide handling and sampling services for large quantities of low- and intermediate-level contaminated residues such as spent resins, be it in aqueous or dry conditions, including substrate disposal. CCN has also produced drainage and transfer studies of radioactive materials stored in the pool for disposal to intermediate storage structures.

Our success lies in:

  • the excellence of our technique;
  • our safety performance;
  • our ability to provide high-quality services within the agreed frameworks;
  • our preoccupation with the clientele.