CCNuclear announces the FlexCon Membrane

CCNuclear is Pleased to Announce the FlexCon Membrane for Relining Solutions of Spent Fuel Pools and Other Concrete Containment Tanks for the Nuclear Industry

Montreal, QC, July 2, 2019 – After two years of qualification and subsequent successful installation within a nuclear spent fuel pool of a CANDU 6 in 2014, CCNuclear is proud to announce that its liner is now under the official tradename “CCN FlexCon Membrane”. FlexCon, which stands for Flexible Containment, is a flexible membrane qualified for use as a primary containment within concrete containment structures in Nuclear Facilities, according to CSA N291 and CSA N287.2. This membrane can be installed on degrading concrete walls underwater while spent fuel is still stored within the pool, in order to re-establish the leak-tightness of the installation. The membrane can be installed on other types of concrete containment structures.