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xxHQ - G-2 Auxiliary Pools (2015)

Refurbishment of the Spent Fuel Pool

The project consists of installing a flexible waterproof protective liner on the existing deteriorating pool walls in a highly radioactive environment (spent fuel in pool) using mechanical metal fixtures.

2 Reactor core inventory

Third party expert review of reactor core components

This project consists of providing a third party expert review and a detailed calculation of the core components inventory in preparation for the decommissioning plan.
3 - investigation structures CANSTOR

Spent Fuel Storage Structures (CANSTOR) Investigation

CANSTOR is a spent fuel reinforced concrete storage structure in which seven years cooled spent fuel S.S. baskets are stored dry for a period of 50 years. This project consists of investigating the existing structures in which water has been repeatedly detected during sampling campaigns, with solutions recommendations.

4 - Spent Resin Storage

Spent IX Resins Extraction, Dewatering and Dry Storage

This project consists of removing wet radioactive spent resins from two underground full 170 m³ capacity rectangular concrete reservoirs, by slurrying the resins into 3 m³ S.S. containers within a shielded flask and subsequently dewatering them for dry storage on the on-site solid radioactive waste facility.

5 - Études options entreposage eau lourde

Moderator D2O – Intermediate Storage Options Assessment after Final Plant Shutdown

This project consists of assessing multiple options for 40 years storage of the highly tritiated moderator heavy water or to dispose of it immediately.

6 - sécurisation couronne bâtiment reacteur

Expertise and Technical Support for the Corrective Work to be Performed on the Reactor Building Ring Beam

This project consists of performing a physical assessment of the current condition of the deteriorating reactor ring beam and implementing urgent corrective work to secure the structure before winter freeze/thaw cycles.

7 - Étude disposition déchets piscines auxiliares

Study and Options Assessment of Waste Disposal from Power Plant Auxiliary Pools

This project consists of performing a preliminary assessment on the inventory, handling and disposal of all low, intermediate and high level wastes currently stored in the four auxiliary pools, after the power plant’s definitive shutdown. The objective is to optimize the waste stream and maximize the use of existing shielded handling equipment and storage structures.

8 - Ion Exchange Resins

Turnkey Retrieval and Packaging of Spent IX Resins

This turnkey project consists of providing all services related to performing sampling and characterization, recovery, packaging into type A drums, and shipment of the Moderator Purification System (MPS) resin waste stored in an underground horizontal S.S. cylindrical storage tank, and Heat Transport Purification System (HTPS) resin waste stored in four underground rectangular concrete storage vaults, as well as associated mixed water, sand and gravel waste for interim storage.

9 - Ion Exchange Resins DP

Turnkey Retrieval and Packaging of Spent IX Resins

This turnkey project consists of providing all services related to performing recovery and packaging of the Moderator Purification System (MPS) and Heat Transport Purification System (HTPS) resin waste from an underground vertical S.S. cylindrical storage tank, through a restrictive 10” access pipe, into 3 m³ S.S. containers within a type B transportation shielded flask, for storage within IC18 structures.